Make Your Program Special

3rd in a Series on Engaging Children and Motivating Them to Learn

Marrena Ralph

You’ve prayed. You’ve investigated your heart and made changes. Now it’s time to teach! But wait. Before any kids arrive, make your program special.

What do the children in your club see when they enter a room? Does it look like any effort has been made to accommodate their size, interests, safety, and so forth?

By decorating the room for children—not for adults—you help make the program special. Use kid-friendly colors, themes, and graphics. Make sure your tables, chairs, and supplies are kid friendly and safe. Look around your room. Does it look like an adult’s space, or does it look like a place that will catch kids’ attention and motivate them to learn? What can you do to make the room special and motivational for children?

Evaluate the following areas; then put procedures in place to keep your children and ministry safe. You may need to discuss these topics with church leaders.

  • What do you do when a child is hurt or sick? Do you have a first aid kit?
  • What are the procedures for using the restrooms?
  • How should teachers and workers deal with discipline issues?
  • How do you respond to and follow up on spiritual decisions (e.g., response cards, discipleship packets)?
  • What plans are in place for an emergency, such as dangerous weather or a fire?

When you ensure that you have ways to keep children attracted, comfortable, informed, and safe, they are less likely to be distracted, worried, or bored and more likely to be engaged and motivated to learn.

Marrena Ralph is the clubs program specialist at Regular Baptist Press. She is available for consultation and workshops. Contact her at 866.754.4272 or

When you make your program special, you show children that you care about them. What else do you care about? In next week’s article, Marrena addresses how to demonstrate what you value.

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