Still Looking for a Missions Project?

Already had your VBS? Consider the Character Count missions project as a special offering for a Labor Day picnic, harvest offering, or a Christmas giving project! The need doesn’t end when summer is over.

What do prisoners in local jails and federal prisons have in common with a state’s lawmakers? (No, they’re not all criminals! Far from it.) Another question: What do prisoners and lawmakers have in common with Boy Scouts? And what do prisoners, lawmakers, and Boy Scouts share with hospice patients and their families?

character counts poster vbs 2019The answer is chaplains; men and women endorsed by the Regular Baptist Churches are ministering to each of these communities. This summer Regular Baptist Press is promoting a missions project called Character Counts: Helping Chaplains Build Stronger Communities. Whether or not your church used RBP’s 2019 VBS, you can adopt Character Counts as your VBS missions offering project!

Day in and day out, chaplains are modeling Christlike character to others as they work in our communities. Chaplains treat others with respect and love, following Jesus’ example—especially in hard times. Chaplains serve in the military, in places like jails and hospitals, in local service departments (e.g., police and fire departments), with children and youth, and with government leaders.

Many chaplains are volunteers—they don’t get paid for what they do. Many do not have enough items like Bibles, treats, and stuffed animals to help them show God’s love. You can assist chaplains and be part of sharing Jesus’ love by giving to the Character Counts chaplains’ ministry.

  • An offering of $63 provides cookies a chaplain will give to 156 inmates.
  • An offering of $565 helps 100 kids in painful or tragic situations by giving them teddy bears.
  • An offering of $780 enables a chaplain to give the best message of love—a Bible—to 120 people.

When you give to Character Counts, you are helping chaplains everywhere serve their local communities and share the Good News!

Everything you need to use Character Counts is available in a comprehensive download packet. You’ll also find video clips of real-life chaplains who minister to prisoners, Boy Scouts, lawmakers, and hospice patients. Character Counts may be God’s answer to your prayer for this summer’s VBS missions offering project. Check it out.

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