Three Women’s Bible Studies Offer Hope for Troubling Times


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Three Women’s Bible Studies Offer Hope for Troubling Times

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Three new women’s Bible studies from Regular Baptist Press are sure to help Christian women get through troubling times—whether those times come through the culture, the trials of life, or circumstances that include both.

Against the Tide

Against the Tide: Godly Living in a Godless World by Diane ScallonAgainst the Tide: Godly Living in a Godless World by Diane Scallon addresses 13 ways God has equipped His daughters to face the tide of an ungodly culture that wants to sweep them away in doubt and defeat.

Diane points out time and again that ability for godly living is found in God and His Word. In Against the Tide, Diane shows readers why and how to make God their top priority.

Diane believes that understanding how and why God created women not only helps them stand against the tide but also elevates womanhood: “God created us to be special helpers to our husbands and to be teachers and nurturers to our children, have compassionate kind relationships, have joyful serving hearts, and be testimonies for Him. As we continue to delight in God’s ordained roles for us, not only is womanhood elevated, but God is magnified and glorified!”

“We live in a world where our testimony matters,” says Diane. “Our faith should be radiating so that unbelievers see a difference in us and we can tell them it is because of Jesus. Living in a world where priorities are vastly different from those of the Bible, we are created to go against the tide.”

Diane is a pastor’s wife and the mother of three sons. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and a master’s degree from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. She has a heart for helping women find joy in their identity in Christ and in deeper relationships together, rooting themselves in God’s Word.

Facing Your Fears with Faith

Facing Your Fears with Faith by Juanita PurcellFacing Your Fears with Faith by Juanita Purcell addresses dread that come with prolonged suffering, financial loss, depression, broken relationships, and the death of one’s husband.

These what if’s that no one wants, plus five others that Juanita considers, often bring anxiety. Through a study of God’s promises and the examples of people who faced their fears with faith, Juanita encourages Christian women to face these anxieties victoriously.

Juanita was a pastor’s wife for more than 50 years. She speaks at ladies’ retreats, banquets, and other seminars and conferences. Juanita has written a dozen best-selling RBP women’s Bible studies, the Women’s Ministries Handbook and two devotionals. She encourages what she calls “palms-up living,” when Christians say, “Whatever, Lord. Give what You want, take what You want.”

King Over All

King Over All by Dorothy DavisKing Over All invites women to study the book of Daniel. Author Dorothy Davis asks, “When the circumstances of life have brought us to our knees, how can we get up and move forward?” The answer, she says, is that we worship God, the one true hope, Who is sovereign over all.

In this 10-lesson study Dorothy leads women to discover that no matter what they are facing—crisis, change, or the challenges of their culture—God’s Word must be their support and His power their trust. With the proper perspective—Daniel’s perspective—Christian women can rise above their circumstances.

Dorothy has taught Sunday School and ladies’ Bible studies for many years and has written 12 RBP women’s Bible studies. Dorothy desires to motivate Christian women to apply God’s Word to the everyday challenges of life so they can grow in grace and glorify Jesus Christ.


Against the Tide: Godless Living in a Godless World
RBP5521 • ISBN 978-1-64213-456-8
Paper • NKJV • 13 lessons • 120 pages • Retail $8.99

Facing Your Fears with Faith
RBP5517 • ISBN 978-1-64213-129-1
Paper • KJV • 10 lessons • 95 pages • Retail $8.99

King Over All
RBP5518 • ISBN 978-1-64213-130-7
Paper • KJV • 10 lessons • 115 pages • Retail $8.99

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