Summer Days in Big Fish Bay

Summer in Big Fish BayRBP’s 2020 VBS program, Big Fish Bay: Hooked on God’s Mercy, has so many great ideas that no church could include them all in one week of VBS. So why not stretch the fun and learning to include more of your summer? Here are ideas for making your VBS investment last longer.

Let the Fun Begin!

Decorate your church auditorium several weeks before VBS. Cover all but one of the pieces with a bedsheet or a roll of bulletin board paper. Make a production of uncovering a new item each Sunday and springboard into inviting students from your church to attend and bring their neighbors, friends, and extended family. The Director Guide, the decorating CD in the Director Resource CD Set, and the front matter of the teacher books all include decorating ideas. One of each of these items is also included in the Big Fish Bay VBS Intro Kit.

Keep your decorations up after VBS to use for follow-up events.

Look for part 2, “Have a Family Fun Fair,” in the five-part series Make Big Fish Bay a Favorite Summer Vacation Spot. Parts 2-5 present ideas for follow-up events using your Big Fish Bay decorations and materials.

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