How to Reward Students Remotely

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Churches are holding Kids4Truth Clubs online! Their leaders are experimenting with technology, program schedules, memorization, and the like, including how to reward students remotely.

More than simply keeping track of students’ achievements while they’re home, consider these ideas for rewarding students remotely.

Kids4Truth Discoverers lime complete standard and patchesAdd a fun challenge.

Clubs Program Specialist Marrena Ralph says, “I would keep track of their award patches and apply them to the standards once you are all back together. But I would also add a fun competition: Challenge the students, ‘How many Q&A with verses can we say by the next time we meet face-to-face? If we get [choose a number] we will have [choose a reward—e.g., pizza party, ice cream, snow cones].’ A challenge is both concrete and exciting. This is a reward students will look forward to!

Help students visualize their progress.

Marrena suggests making a thermometer or chart to show during each online or video meeting. The object should demonstrate the group’s progress in reaching the goal. If that isn’t feasible, email or mail a copy of the thermometer or chart to each student. Include a copy of the group’s progress toward the goal and/or the number of award patches the individual student will receive when your Kids4Truth Clubs are back together again. When the novelty of being at home all the time wears off, receiving this personalized mail—along with attending Kids4Truth Clubs online—will help break up the boredom of being sequestered at home.

This is part of a series on Kids4Truth Clubs at home.

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