12 Weeks’ Worth of VBS One-Liners

Smiling couple looking at sheet of paper, perhaps with a one-liner on itEditor’s Note: We understand that many churches are not currently meeting due to COVID-19. With the uncertainty of when shelter-in-place orders will be lifted, consider ways to incorporate these invitations into your current practices. Try integrating these into the slides that run on your live stream prior to the start of your online service.

Consider adding a one-liner to your church bulletin each Sunday for a month or two before VBS. Switch up your bulletin covers once or twice, using the Big Fish Bay bulletin to draw more attention to VBS. Here are 12 one-liners to use or adapt:

Get the news out. Big Fish Bay is coming soon!

Come to the bay for a big-fish adventure with this year’s VBS—Big Fish Bay: Hooked on God’s Mercy.

Big Fish Bay—the perfect place for a staycation this summer!

Coming to our town—Big Fish Bay: Hooked on God’s Mercy!

Calling everyone who loves the water! Set your sights on an adventure in the bay [date]!

Big Fish Bay is coming to a church near you—THIS church!

Discover God’s compassion and mercy at Big Fish Bay!

Explore the bay—Big Fish Bay that is!

What can God do with a fish—find out at Big Fish Bay!

What can God do with a stubborn man—learn about Jonah at Big Fish Bay!

Why did God spare really bad people—find out at Big Fish Bay!

Overboard—an adult Bible study at Big Fish Bay!

Man wearing glasses smiles at something on phone, perhaps a one-linerDon’t limit these one-liners to just your church bulletin. Add them to your church’s phone messages, PowerPoint announcements, website, social media, and more!

This is part 3 in a six-part Sunday series, Publicize Your VBS. Read “Publicity Overview: Countdown and Checklist” and “Interact with Your Community to Publicize Your VBS.” Look for part 4, “Enter a Float in a Community Parade.”

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