Thank VBS Workers for Their Service

Man points to woman (in a presentation style) while he shakes her handYour church family prayed for VBS. Don’t leave them ignorant of how God answered. If you haven’t already done so, hold a special service, or set aside time during a regular service, to report on VBS and express appreciation for the team of workers.


  1. Recognize each worker by name and department or area of service.
  2. Choose several workers to share testimonies of the blessings they received during VBS.
  3. Present each worker with a certificate or small gift while expressing your thanks.
  4. Choose several students to share their testimonies. Encourage them to share what they learned about God’s mercy (for Big Fish Bay) or how they were amazed by our extraordinary Savior (for Wonder World Funfest) in addition to telling about the fun times.
  5. Show a video or a PowerPoint presentation featuring your VBS.
  6. If you held VBS virtually, show clips of the virtual lessons, singing, playing games, making crafts, etc.

pastor shaking vbs volunteers handIf your church is meeting virtually, prepare a video or PowerPoint presentation that includes numbers 1, 2, 4, and 6.

You may want to conclude your in-person service with a time of fellowship and Big Fish Bay snacks (or Wonder World Funfest snacks). This will give the congregation an opportunity to personally express their appreciation to the workers and to experience a taste of Big Fish Bay or Wonder World Funfest.

If your church is meeting virtually, encourage the congregation to show appreciation for workers’ service on social media and through emails, cards, and notes.

This is part 2 in a four-part series, Conserve the Results of VBS.

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