9 Questions for You to Ask after VBS

Paper and marker; paper has "evaluation" written at the top with a checklist beneathAsk these nine questions to evaluate the execution of your VBS strategy.

  1. Did you reach your goals? Why or why not?
  2. Did you choose the best workers for each department? (Review the job descriptions on the Director Resources CD of the Director Guide Resource Set.) Did you have a sufficient number of trained workers?
  3. Was your closing program effective? How could you improve it? What would you do the same next time? What would you change?
  4. Did your workers use the crafts, games, and snacks to reinforce the lessons? Did you have enough space and adequate supplies for making crafts, playing games, and involving students in preparing the snacks?
  5. Did your workers explain the gospel clearly, in terms appropriate for students’ ages? Is improvement needed? How will you help workers improve next year?
  6. Who were your attendees? Mostly churched children? mostly unchurched children? a balance of the two? How did you do in meeting their Bible-learning needs? Could you keep the attention of the church kids? What should you continue doing? What should you change next year?
  7. When did you hold your VBS? Was that an effective time of day? day of the week? week of the month? month of the summer? Would another time of day or dates have worked better?
  8. Did you have adequate church support? Did you and your workers feel that the church was supporting you in prayer? Did church people express an interest in VBS? Did they help by donating snacks, novelties, and supplies? Did you get a sufficient number of volunteers to decorate, serve food, and help in other ways? If not, what might have contributed to this lack of support? What could you do to get better support next year?
  9. In general, did you have a good program? What should be repeated next year? What do you think needs to change?

A man and a woman are seated at a business table; each is bent over a paper he/she is filling outInvite others on the VBS team to answer these questions either with you or by themselves. Gather their answers and compare them to yours to get a thorough evaluation.

This is part 3 in a four-part series, Conserve the Results of VBS.

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