Additional Resources You Could Use in Kids4Truth Clubs

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Dig deeper with resources from Regular Baptist Press.

Kids4Truth Clubs covers 12 doctrinal themes, which are supported by theme resources available on the EquipU site. These resources aid in teaching the 12 doctrinal themes, but some teachers enjoy digging even deeper as they prepare to teach lessons; others enjoy decorating rooms or having giveaways or store items that reinforce the lesson themes. Regular Baptist Press has additional resources that teachers may be looking for.

Each Kids4Truth Clubs doctrinal theme has a key truth. RBP offers tracts, items for digging deeper, and novelties that address the key truth or doctrine. Here are the 12 themes with lists of resources available from RBP.

Theme 1: God’s Word—The Bible

Key truth: The Bible is the only book that is God’s Word to us.

Theme 2: The Greatness of God

Key truth: God is one of a kind and is above all in His greatness.

Theme 3: The Goodness of God

Key truth: God is loving and is above all in His goodness.

Theme 4: The Trinity

Key truth: There is only one God. He is in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Theme 5: God’s Creation

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Key truth: God created everything out of nothing for His own glory in only six days.

Theme 6: God’s View of You

Key truth: Although we are made in God’s image, we are all sinful and need God’s forgiveness for our sins.

Theme 7: God’s Law

Key truth: The Ten Commandments make us aware of our sin and point us to Christ as the solution for our sin.

Theme 8: Jesus Christ

Kids' Questions 4-book setKey truth: Jesus Christ will forever be fully God and fully man at the same time.

Theme 9: God’s Gift—Salvation

Key truth: Jesus Christ paid for the sinner’s salvation when He died on the cross.

Theme 10: God’s Purpose for His Children

Key truth: God’s children glorify His grace when their lives faithfully reflect the image of His Son.

Theme 11: God’s Work—Past and Present

Key truth: God lovingly and skillfully works in creation to bring all His plans to pass.

Theme 12: God’s Plan for the Future

Key truth: Jesus Christ is coming again; we must be ready.

Other Resources You Might Find Helpful

While using additional materials in Kids4Truth Clubs is not necessary, these RBP resources can provide extra depth to your teaching and heighten enthusiasm in club time.

Visit the Regular Baptist Press store to find these and other resources.

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