Author of Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective Is Interviewed on WOL Podcast

Schroon Lake, N.Y.—Author Alex Konya was interviewed on a Word of Life Fellowship podcast as part 3 in a series on angels and demons. Host Jonathan Phillips says that when he first thought about the series, he started with Konya and his book, Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective.

Konya wrote this book, he explains, because in counseling and leading Bible studies as a pastor, questions came up about demons. He went to his local Christian bookstore (this was before the boom of the internet and sites like Amazon) to find books that would give answers from the Bible. He found many books about people’s experiences, but very little about what the Bible specifically teaches. Around that time, he was also completing a degree at Grace Theological Seminary and chose to write his dissertation on demons. The book grew out of his desire “to help real people with real problems” and give them Biblical, authoritative answers rather than experience-based answers.

In the interview, Konya answers questions about the characteristics of demon possession, the antichrist, demon possession vs. the sin nature, the possibility of having a “personal demon” and a “guardian angel,” demon possession in the day of Christ and His response to the possessed, Satan and demons’ main targets today, the deceitfulness of sin, the end of Satan and demons, and the last days. The interview ends with Konya issuing an invitation for unbelievers to choose salvation in Christ and a challenge for believers to live for Him.

Demons: A Biblically Based PerspectiveJust as in the podcast, when Konya says “we just don’t know”—because the Bible doesn’t address that question or topic—Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective is a thoroughly Biblical and authoritative look at demons. In the book, Konya defines demon possession (chap. 1), describes Jesus’ deliverance of people from the demonic (chap. 2), discusses the apostles and their encounters with the demonic / demon possessed (chap. 3), studies others in the Bible who cast out demons (chap. 4), addresses exorcism and the present (chap. 5), and shows how to deal with the Devil today (chap. 6).

“Today we are certainly in a battle, because this is not over yet,” Konya says as he answers one of Phillips’s last questions. “We are targets of the evil one because we are members of the Body of Christ. . . . We may undergo real demonic attack, certainly temptation, and all of that. [But] it is worth it to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is worth it to persevere, because we know the wonderful end that awaits us if we know Him. By His grace we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God’s dear Son.”

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