What Do Regular Baptists Believe about Lent?

Easter is fast approaching! One of the questions we routinely receive around this time of year is, What do Regular Baptists believe about Lent? So GARBC national representative Mike Hess and I sat down to discuss this question on a recent episode of the Baptist Bulletin podcast. You can listen to the episode below, or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

This discussion highlights the massive differences between evangelical and Baptistic theology on the one hand, and Catholic and Eastern Orthodoxy theology on the other. A few years ago RBP published High Church Heresy by Ken Guindon, a comprehensive examination and critique of Catholic and Orthodox theology from a Baptist perspective. As a former Catholic and, later, Eastern Orthodox Christian himself, Ken brings a great deal of credibility. If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between Baptists and high church groups like the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, I highly recommend Ken’s book to you.

David Gunn is director of Regular Baptist Press.

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