Enter a VBS Float in a Community Parade

Arrow Island VBS float in local parade

New Life Baptist Church of Lake in the Hills, Ill., participates in a local parade. The float, featuring a volcano and palm trees, invites students to attend Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way, VBS 2014.

Advertise your church’s VBS program by entering a float in a Fourth of July or other community parade. Decorate your float like an Eastern Seaboard fishing village. Check out the Director Resource CD Set for patterns and decorating ideas to adapt for your float. Decorate the float further with these Big Fish Bay items:

·       Logo balloons

·       Oliver T. Otter puppet or an adult in an otter costume

·       Big Fish Bay banner*

·       6′ Inflatable Lighthouse*

·       Other items available through the VBS 2020 catalog

Members of New Life Baptist Church distribute 560 bottles of water, 50 pounds of candy, and 1,200 flyers to parade-goers at the Lake in the Hills, Ill., 2014 Founder’s Day Parade.

Invite children to ride the float and recruit VBS workers and church personnel to walk with the float. Also invite two friendly adults (one on each side of the float) to carry an Oliver T. Otter puppet and interact with parade-goers on the sidelines. All participants can wear Big Fish Bay T-shirts (professionally made using the Big Fish Bay Logo and Print License or made with Big Fish Bay iron-ons), Sailor Shades, and Happy Crabbie Hats, Claw Bopper Headbands, Bayside Bandanas, or Captain’s Hats. Children can wave Plush Whales, while adults pass out goodie bags.

Fill each Anchors & Crabs Take-Home Bag or Blue Whale Bag with the following:

·       Stickers (e.g., one theme sticker, a sheet of Nautical Shape Stickers, or 3 Anchored in Jesus Stickers)

·       1 Whale Watching Pencil and VBS sticky notepad

·       1 gospel bookmark

·       1 invitation flyer

·       1 Landlubber Lollipop

The more VBS workers you have in the parade, the more invitations you can hand out and the better you’ll convey that your church is “Hooked on God’s Mercy.”

* Along with the introductory kit, this item is part of the Big Fish Bay Bonus Kit (available in KJV or NKJV).

This is part 4 in a six-part Sunday series, Publicize Your VBS. Read “Publicity Overview: Countdown and Checklist,” “Interact with Your Community to Publicize Your VBS,” and “12 Weeks’ Worth of One-Liners.” Look for part 5, “Child-Directed Advertising.” Read “Cold Water and a Parade” to learn more about New Life Baptist Church’s 2014 float.


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