COVID-19 Update

Frequently Asked Questions


How has COVID-19 impacted RBP?

Many have asked how RBP is doing in light of the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the church curriculum market. We remain committed to providing you quality materials, but we’ve had to make some hard decisions that impact our employees and new product release timelines.

Your continued support by placing your standard quarterly order will help us continue to provide strong resources.

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How can I help support RBP?

Help build lives by the Book by donating at

Greg Linscott, pastor of Brown Street Baptist Church in Alton, Illinois, shares what Regular Baptist Press has meant to him and his local church. He also shares an update on the impact that the COVID restrictions have had on RBP with churches not currently ordering curriculum.

When will my order ship?

We are currently operating under our standard timeline. Orders are processed within one business days. Orders will be shipped within three business days of being processed. This does not include time for shipping (time-in-transit).

If using the UPS Ground Time-in-Transit map, please note that your package will be shipped from the 60013 zip code.

Can I still order by phone?

Yes, but wait times may be moderately impacted. In order to better serve you, we strongly recommend purchasing items online at

Are your offices open?

While the Regular Baptist Ministries Resource Center office building is open during normal business hours, many of our employees are working from home.

Our third-party shipping partner remains open.