News Releases Invite Your Community

woman wearing headphones and reading into a microphoneSend news releases to local newspapers, radio stations, and local cable television stations. If you’re not sure how to do that, read about sending a press/news/media release. Also post information on your church’s website and social media sites.

VBS 2020 uses a nautical theme, Big Fish Bay, where kids explore an exciting bay, fish off the pier, and venture out to sea. Big Fish Bay is complete with a lighthouse, tall ships, and coastal animals. During lesson time, kids will embark on a journey into the life of Jonah. They’ll encounter God’s mercy and see how His compassionate heart was most fully expressed in Jesus’ death and resurrection. Seeing God’s mercy, sharing God’s mercy–kids will be “Hooked on God’s mercy.” But how can you say all of that succinctly, and what format should you use for news releases?

Press releases should contain the information in the sample below. Also see page 13 in the Director Guide and on the Resources CD of the Director Resources CD Set.

* You may want to name the VBS director or someone from your church that your community knows well or whose name they will recognize. Be sure to identify the person (e.g., “Jane Doe, VBS director, says . . .”; “Former [City Name] Mayor John Doe says . . .”; “[Local sports team] [position on team] Janie/Johnny Doe says . . .”).


This is part 6 in a six-part Sunday series, Publicize Your VBS. Read “Publicity Overview: Countdown and Checklist,” “Interact with Your Community to Publicize Your VBS,” “12 Weeks’ Worth of One-Liners,” “Enter a Float in a Community Parade,” and “Three Ideas for Kid-Directed Advertising.”

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